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Customs Regulations


Declaring duty of import, export and movement of money or other financial resources


Export, import and movement of cash or other payment resources through EU countries are subject to control. Other valuable finance resources are
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Checks and bills
  • Precious metals and precious stones
Anyone who carries cash or other resources in total value above 15 000 EUR is bound to declare in writing at the relevant Customs office.

Declaring duty is obligatory for anyone who sends by post or receives by post financial resources in cash or any other form in total value above 1000 EUR.

Value of the sum in Slovak koruna or other currency is set by the exchange rate of the Slovak National Bank valid on the date of money exchange, or on the date of posting the parcel or any other shipment.

Export and Import Restrictions

1. Animals – Imported live animals, embryos and animal products are subject to veterinary control on the border inspection stations. Live animals, embryos and animal products arriving from 3rd country and transported over the Slovak territory to 3rd country are subject to inspection.

To Slovakia after veterinary inspection live animals, embryos from 3rd countries may be imported if these are compliant with the law and if:
  • Come from 3rd countries with approved export of live animals and embryos to Slovakia
  • Originate from organizations and companies that keep live animals as presentation objects or objects of scientific research or keep animals because of this type of research, as well as from gathering centers of animals in 3rd countries with approved import rights of the live animals and embryos to Slovakia and have certification issued by the relevant office of the originating country
2. Arms and munitions – Everybody exporting, importing or transporting weapon of A category, arm of B category or C category or munitions for these arms through the state border of Slovak Republic is bound to declare this fact to the police station at the border as well as to the customs office at the border crossing of Slovak Republic. This does not apply if the import and export is executed by shipment. At the same time he is bound to submit the armament letter, license or European gun passport. A license or European gun passport must be always carried if carrying an arm of categories A, B, C or munitions for this arms and submit the papers for control.

Everybody exporting and importing an arm of category A, B or C or munitions for these arms is obliged at least five working days ahead of the expected exportation day inform the Police Department in his district according to permanent address, place of work or seat of the place of live, place of work or seat of the applicant following:
  • Personal data, number of passport of the person carrying the arm
  • Place where the arm of category A, B or C or munitions for these arms is to be exported
  • Data of the arms of category A, B, C or identification data of the munitions
  • Border crossing where the arm will be exported from the country and imported back
  • Data of the transportation vehicle
  • Date of the expected export and expected import

3. Medication - Import and export of medication for personal use while traveling is not limited, if the medication is exported and imported in appropriate quantity.

While exporting or importing drugs with dazing and psychotropic ingredients it is recommended to carry the doctor’s prescription. Attention, this certificate may not be accepted when other countries and depends on laws and regulations of each state.

Prohibited export and import

These objects are prohibited to export in a non trade transaction:
  • Cultural heritage
  • Objects of historic and art value
  • Archive documents

These objects are prohibited to import in a non trade transaction:
  • Explosives
  • Pyrotechnic products
  • Refrigerators and freezers with compressors and absorption, electric or gas traction, air conditioning even built in (in cars) that damage the Ozone layer
  • Used refrigerators and freezers
  • Used kitchen robots, washing machines, dish washers
  • Used tires, non compliant with the general rules
  • Used underwear, used pajamas and nightwear
  • Used pantyhose and socks, T shirts, shirts and other garments in direct contact with the body
  • Used bed linen
  • Used cloths
  • Other used textile products
  • Used footwear
  • Used upholstered furniture
  • Used toys
  • Used electric devices and electronic devices like TV sets, radio sets, tape recorders, VHS recorders, recorders, photocopy devices, computers and their components, choppers, mowers, hoggers, sewing and pressing machines

As far as used garments, textile products, foot wear and upholstered furniture  the prohibition is not applicable if:
  • If these are objects of personal use transported by the traveler or sent in connection to his stay abroad
  • If these are object of personal use of a private person and are imported in connection to his movement from abroad
  • If these are imported by a company of a private person for charity purposes and the importer submits the disinfection certificate or professional cleaning certificate and approval for import from sanitation authority of Slovak Republic.

Free admission of goods

Information regarding the transport of goods to Slovakia from non EU countries

Decision about free admission is issued based on a request.

Goods in traveler’s luggage
Free admission is on products imported by a traveler below 15 years old if the value of the goods is below 125 EUR.

Free admission on goods imported by a crew member of transport company who crosses the border as minimum once a week or imported by traveler who crosses on business trips the border usually each working day is restricted to this quantity:
  • Tobacco:
 1. 25 pcs of cigarettes
2. 5 pcs of cigars
3. 10 pcs cigarillos
4. 25 g tobacco or
5. Combination of these products
  • Alcohol and alcoholic drinks
1. 0,25 l distillates and spirits with alcohol content above 22 % vol or non denaturized alcohol with alcohol content 80 % vol and above
2. 0,5 l distillates, spirits, aperitifs on wine or alcohol base, tafie, saké or like drinks with alcohol volume below 22 % vol, sparkling wine, liquors, or
3. Combination of these products
  • Other goods as stated above if the value is not more than 20 EUR, not including the 4 EUR on food, beer and soft drinks; at perfumes and toilet waters the quantity restriction may not be exceeded as specified in EU decree

Goods imported by privileged persons under international law and equipment of foreign offices movement

Free admission of goods:
  • For official use and disposal of diplomatic or consular offices of foreign countries in Slovakia, especially official documents, fuel for heating of office space, furnishing of offices, fuel and equipment for vehicles, as well as construction materials, used for construction or reconstruction of embassy buildings, including goods used for building decoration, if the goods are moved to the office of the or upon request of the exporting country,
  • Used for purposes of diplomatic corps, embassies, consular officers, their families; free admission on cars is attributed upon reciprocity principle, maximum 2 cars imported within 2 years regardless the import is executed on behalf of diplomatic corps member, consular official or family member; free admission is on caravan, but this can not be borrowed, put on deposit, rented or transported  according to § 48 par  1 of the Law; if the car is imported with free admission and is exported before the said period or the import tax will be paid or if the vehicle was seriously damaged and then can be replaced by other car with free admission,
  • Imported by technical and administrative personnel  of embassies used for their personal needs upon their first business entry; free admission on cars is attributed upon reciprocity principle, maximum 2 cars, and goods used in household imported together with other goods upon their movement;

Free admission is not applicable if person in point 2 and 3 is:
  • Slovak citizen or has a permanent residence in Slovak Republic or
  • Is undertaking business in Slovakia according to special decree

Board supplies

Free admission of goods applies on reciprocal principles on food, drink, tobacco goods and other supplies if they are to be used aboard of airplanes or ships while transporting them across borders if such type of service is standard on board of these crafts.

Free admission of goods applies in railway and road transportation according to previous paragraph to goods transported across the border but not applying to tobacco and spirits.

Fuel in main tanks of special containers and business vehicles used for goods transportation are subject to free admission in quantity maximum 200 l on special container or business vehicle for one trip.

Fuel in main tanks of business vehicles used for transportation of more than 9 passengers including the driver are subject to free admission in quantity maximum 600 l per one vehicle per one trip.

Seeds and fertilizers

Seeds are subject of free admission on principle of reciprocity. Fertilizers and other goods for soil cultivation and care of agricultural crops are subject to free admission on principle of reciprocity.
Seat of the agricultural organization and fields cultivated by this organization are said to be close to the customs border if the seat distance from the border is not more than 5 km and cultivated fields distance from customs border is not more than 5 km along the border.

Goods exportation

Above mentioned rules are applicable for goods exportation subject to export tax. In these cases the customs declaration may be oral.

Custom tax

Is not applied when importing or exporting from and to EU countries

State administration offices for customs regulation:

  • Ministry of Finance of SR
  • Customs directorate of SR
  • Customs offices  
  • Customs criminal office

Customs offices, customs directorate and customs criminal office comprise the Customs administration that deals with customs, taxes and values division of goods, marking of origin of goods, statistics, international contracts, administration of non direct taxes, prosecution in case of non compliance with rules and regulations, etc.

Shopping in EU

On single European market the shopping is without restrictions. Luggage and purchased goods are no longer subject to control on border crossings with other EU countries. Under one condition, purchased goods must by for personal use and not for any other resale.
VAT is included in the price you pay, because VAT is different in different countries.

Tobacco and alcohol

as guidance you can follow these numbers intended for personal use:
  • 800 cigarettes
  • 400 cigarillos
  • 200 cigars
  • 1 kg tobacco
  • 10 liters of spirit
  • 20 liters of strong wine (Porto or sherry)
  • 90 liters of wine (maximum 60 liters of sparkling wine)
  • 110 liters of beer

Shopping outside EU

If you travel to EU country from outside you may transport goods for personal use exempt from VAT and consumption tax as outlined below. Same applies to Canary islands, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and other territories where the VAT and consumption tax regulations of EU do not apply.

  • 200 cigarettes or
  • 100 cigarillos or
  • 50 cigars or
  • 250 grams of tobacco

  • 1 liter spirit above 22 % vol or
  • 2 liters of strong wine or sparkling wine  
  • 2 liters of wine

Perfume - 50 grams
Toilet water - 250 ml
other goods up to 175 €

Regulations vary within EU countries.

Meat and meat products

Within EU there are no specific regulation for transport. Temporary restrictions are released if there is an infectious disease epidemic like foot and mouth disease. Travelers from Andorra, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Romania, San Marino or Switzerland can transport meat and meat products in personal luggage.

If you travel from non EU countries you are not allowed to import any meat or meat products, milk diary products without appropriate veterinary certification. Travelers from non EU countries may therefore import only dried infant milk, kids’ food and special food necessary due to healthy reason under condition they need not be stored in cold and it is sealed branded food.

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